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Dental care, eyewear & hearing aids

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Our Medicare Advantage plans may offer coverage beyond Original Medicare benefits such as dental care, eyewear and/or hearing aids. These benefits may be included in the plan’s premium, if applicable. Or they may be offered as an optional supplemental benefit. (This means you pay a premium in addition to any plan premium.)

Dental benefits may be offered as a direct member reimbursement allowance or via a network. Vision and hearing benefits are offered as a direct member reimbursement allowance.

Direct member reimbursement (DMR) – a DMR benefit provides an annual allowance to see any licensed provider in the U.S. who accepts Medicare patients and has not opted out of Original Medicare. You pay the provider directly for services and send us the itemized receipt. We then reimburse you up to the allowance amount.

Network – requires you to see a network provider for covered services. Preferred provider organization (PPO plans) may offer out-of-network coverage at higher cost shares.

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       Page last updated: Nov 23, 2021