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Change, Cancel or Leave Your Plan

When you can change or leave your plan

There are certain time frames when you can change or leave your Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan.

There may be other times when you can join or leave a plan. 
See Medicare’s full list of special situations

Important: If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan

If you change from a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes prescription drug coverage to a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, this will disenroll you from your Medicare Advantage Plan. You’ll return to Original Medicare when this happens.

Your rights and responsibilities after disenrollment

You can usually only leave our plan if you have a valid enrollment period. Enrolling in a new Medicare Advantage Plan during the annual open enrollment period (October 15 through December 7) will automatically disenroll you from our plan. You can also call us and ask us to disenroll you from our plan.

Generally, your membership will end on the last day of the month after we get your request to switch to Original Medicare or another plan. If you leave us during the annual open enrollment period, your last day of coverage is usually December 31.  

Have questions about ending your coverage? You can call us at the number on your ID card.

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